Male to Male Body Massages for 4 Lesser Known Body Parts in Gurgaon

16 Mar
male to male body massage in Gurgaon

Male to Male Body Massages for 4 Lesser Known Body Parts in Gurgaon

Massages can do wonder to your body. Male to Male Body Massages in Gurgaon provided by the Hot Male Massage are very effective.

You must have heard about how much healing effect massages can give to your body, but we can bet that you didn’t know massages can be very impact full for following four body parts:


The Thumb

In this digital era where everyone is dependent on computers/laptops and smartphones to get every work done, thumb plays a major role. People spend a great amount of time using their hands for almost every activity.

Without thumbs, we can’t hold, grip, throw, punch, pick things or even get dressed.

Thumbs are a vital part of human’s body and make our hands versatile and useful.

Fingers provide a window to a person’s health.

Massaging fingers and thumbs can release tension throughout your body. Just give it a go for yourself and feel the difference.


The Wrist

Wrists are a crucial part of our body. We use our wrists constantly every minute.

There is a vital acupressure point below the wrist named the Inner Gate or Pericardium 6. Massaging this point can help in calming a racing heart.

Masseurs at Book Male Massage know the wristband massage technique which is popular in treating people suffering from anxiety.


The Diaphragm

The average person takes about 23,040 breaths every day when at rest. The diaphragm is the key muscle for breathing. This vital body part is also neglected often. This critical body part for core and spinal stability must be in good condition always.

If your diaphragm is not in good shape, you are more prone to injuries and pain.

Effective massage techniques by our masseurs can help release tension in the diaphragm.


The Buttocks

Many of us skip massaging our buttocks. The gluteus muscles are one of the largest and most used muscles in a human’s body.

A variety of male to male body massage techniques for buttocks including friction, compression, and deep strokes can help reducing the ill-effects of long hours of sitting.

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