Introduction to Therapeutic Back Massage in Mumbai

15 Jun
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Introduction to Therapeutic Back Massage in Mumbai

So long as you have an the help of an understanding partner who will give you good feedback, you can quickly learn to apply therapeutic back massage techniques or to be more comfortable you can go for the same.

Required Equipment for Therapeutic Back Massage:

  • Warm, quiet, relaxed environment.
  • Firm comfortable surface such as a (firm) bed, massage table or floor mat.
  • Towels: to lie on, and also to cover the body.
  • Cushions or pillows.
  • The Back Maintenance Manual – for Lower Back Pain
    Massage oil decreases the friction created on the skin and prevents the pulling of hairs.

Don’t use too much: The less oil, the greater the friction and the deeper the pressure.
Use slower movements for a soothing or calming response.
When applying pressure with finger or thumb, provide support with the other fingers and thumbs. Otherwise, you will wear your thumbs out!

Massage Patient Comfort:
If the patient is uncomfortable in the lower back, ankles, neck or shoulders, place cushions as required under the whole length of the torso, and/or under the ankles, the shoulders, or the side of the head.  

Pour the massage oil onto your hands first while doing a Male to Male Body Massage in Mumbai and then apply (too cold otherwise!) Once the massage is started, keep a hand on the person at all times so that there are no surprises.
Avoid direct pressure on bony processes.

The benefits of massage can be listed as relaxation, releasing of tight muscles,
emotional comfort and stress management, increased body awareness, improved circulation. At Book Massage in Mumbaiwe aim at providing all these and even more. Our focus is on making your therapy sessions more relaxing and stressed out. Whenever you visit us, it should be an experience worth remembering and if it’s so then our work has been done in a perfect manner.

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