Male Body Massage in Delhi

How Does Male to Male Body Massage Work?

Have you ever had a male to male body massage? If yes you would know how great your body and feel after a relaxing massage therapy session.

But, have you ever wondered how does massage work? If yes, here is the answer by massage experts of Book Massage.

Massage gently moves you into a state of relaxation wherein your nervous system is soothed and calmed through using some effective massage techniques. This stage is called as the relaxation response.

The other type of common response that is triggered during a massage is called as the mechanical response. This effect happens when our massage experts at Book Massage apply pressure to soft tissue like muscle.

Together, both of these responses produce direct & indirect physical as well as emotional benefits.


What is the Relaxation Response?

When our masseurs provide a caring and safe touch during a male to male body massage therapy, it acts as an invitation to relax. This invitation to relax together with pain relief produces the relaxation response.

It is a state in which your heart and breathing rate slow down, your body begins to relax, blood pressure and the production of stress hormones decrease, and your muscles start to let go of the subconscious tension and get relaxed.

This type of response also increases the level of serotonin available in your body. Serotonin is a chemical which affects your emotions and thoughts positively in your brain.

The relaxation response helps in combating the physical effects of stress and reducing the associated risks, like:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • Digestive disorders
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Psychological issues


What is the mechanical response to massage?

The physical response of massage has the following two significant physical effects on your body:

  • Increasing the blood & lymph circulation inside the body that helps in nourishing and cleansing cells.
  • Relaxing the soft tissue, that promotes soothing and releasing nervous tension & deeper connective tissues.


If you want to get the benefits of the best doorstep male to male body massages in Gurgaon or anywhere else in India, call us at Book Massage to book your appointment right not.

Male Body Massage in Delhi

Male to Male Body Massage to Survive During the Winter


Cold air giving you the blues is the hardest part of winter for many. Does this cold air lead to dry and dull skin, joint pain, flue, and other such problems that are not easy to escape?


How to survive through the bone-chilling winters?

Male to male body massage in Delhi offers you the countless benefits year-round, however, in winters, the benefits are even more than you would have thought. Here are a few of them:

1.     Builds a Strong Immune System

Decreased exercise, less exposure to sunlight, swarms of germs, and cold breeze, all conspire to sabotage your wellness. Massages can offer you a powerful defense increasing lymph flow, improving blood circulation, dispersing white blood cells which help in battling viruses and bacteria in our body, reducing cortisol (a nasty stress hormone that leads to high blood pressure), obesity, treating insomnia, and suppressed immune function.

2.     Promotes Health Inside Out

If the cold air in winter gives you pains and aches, and your hands and feet are always cold, your body may require a circulatory boost. Male to male massage helps in enhancing blood flow and warms the body. Massages also deliver more oxygen to your muscles, organs, and joints which naturally reduces pain, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall body function. The nourishing ingredients present oil is absorbed by your skin, thus, promoting smooth and glowing skin by reducing dryness.

3.     Treats Winter Blues

Some people suffer from the seasonal disorder, a kind of depression characterised by irritability, fatigue, anxiety, and weight gain during cold months of winter, making them feel down. Massage can combat this phenomenon and improve overall relaxation and wellbeing. Massages also stimulate the endocrine system, decrease cortisol, and increase oxytocin, which leads to the release of endorphins and serotonin that relieve stress and lighten up your mood.

If you are impressed with the benefits of male to male body massages mentioned above, call Book Massage to book your massage appointment at your doorstep right now.


Male to Male Body Massage

How Does a Male to Male Body Massage Impact These Body Parts?

You must have heard about the great effects of male to male body massages in your body. However, an effective massage can be impactful and beneficial for the following body parts too:


Slouching postures, working on computers for long hours, using your smart phone constantly, carrying heavy weight (office bag, laptop bag, travel bag, etc.) on your shoulders can have a drastic impact on your shoulders. A male to male body massage in Delhi can provide relaxation to your affected shoulders.


Our back is one of the most important parts of your body. Many people complain of having back pain most often. This can be due to sitting or standing for long hours, injury, or other reasons. Body massages by the expert masseurs of Book Massage can treat your back pain.


Constant use of a smartphone, laptop, wrong workout, wrong sleeping posture, and other such reasons can have a bad impact on your neck. Sometimes, you can’t even move our neck up and down or left to right due to severe pain. Get the best male to male body massage in Delhi and heal your neck pain in just a few hours.


Ears are not just for hearing. Your ears have reflex points and these points when massaged properly can counteract the whole body as well as mental stress. This is one of the most popular anxiety-releasing spots and also known as Shen Men or The Gate of Heaven. Massage experts believe that pressing near and on top of your ears can immediately bring you into a state of calm, reduce stress, relieve your headaches.

Massaging on these four often overlooked hot spots on our body can be very magical and relaxing.

If you want to avail doorstep male to male body massage in Delhi or anywhere in India, call Book Massage to book your appointment right now.

male to male body massage in Gurgaon

Male to Male Body Massages for 4 Lesser Known Body Parts in Gurgaon

Massages can do wonder to your body. Male to Male Body Massages in Gurgaon provided by the Hot Male Massage are very effective.

You must have heard about how much healing effect massages can give to your body, but we can bet that you didn’t know massages can be very impact full for following four body parts:


The Thumb

In this digital era where everyone is dependent on computers/laptops and smartphones to get every work done, thumb plays a major role. People spend a great amount of time using their hands for almost every activity.

Without thumbs, we can’t hold, grip, throw, punch, pick things or even get dressed.

Thumbs are a vital part of human’s body and make our hands versatile and useful.

Fingers provide a window to a person’s health.

Massaging fingers and thumbs can release tension throughout your body. Just give it a go for yourself and feel the difference.


The Wrist

Wrists are a crucial part of our body. We use our wrists constantly every minute.

There is a vital acupressure point below the wrist named the Inner Gate or Pericardium 6. Massaging this point can help in calming a racing heart.

Masseurs at Book Male Massage know the wristband massage technique which is popular in treating people suffering from anxiety.


The Diaphragm

The average person takes about 23,040 breaths every day when at rest. The diaphragm is the key muscle for breathing. This vital body part is also neglected often. This critical body part for core and spinal stability must be in good condition always.

If your diaphragm is not in good shape, you are more prone to injuries and pain.

Effective massage techniques by our masseurs can help release tension in the diaphragm.


The Buttocks

Many of us skip massaging our buttocks. The gluteus muscles are one of the largest and most used muscles in a human’s body.

A variety of male to male body massage techniques for buttocks including friction, compression, and deep strokes can help reducing the ill-effects of long hours of sitting.

Male to Male Body Massage

3 Most Popular Benefits of Male to Male Body Massage

Are you feeling tired? Have fatigue and inactiveness become a regular affair for you? Is headache pestering you on an almost daily basis?

Well, if the answer to the above questions is YES, it’s high time to Avail Male to Male Body Massages in Mumbai to heal your body, mind, and soul instantly.

Male to male full body massage has several benefits. Some of the most attractive benefits are discussed below:

Provides relaxation

Today, with increased work pressure and competition work life has become extremely hectic. Meeting deadlines and keeping track of multiple projects create a lot of pressure on your mind leading to stress and uneasiness. This is where the male body massages come into the picture. A good quality massage can help in providing the much-needed relaxation to your mind and body.

 Provides relief from headaches

The headache associated with stress and tension impacts your health drastically. This type of headache comes with symptoms like freezing of neck muscles, feeling like your head is going to explode, eyes pain, and so on. Without immediate treatment, you will be unable to think clearly or be productive at work.  Regular male to male massages for headaches can release the stiffed and tensed muscles surrounding your neck and head, thus, reducing the pain and providing you the relaxation.

Chronic body pain

Chronic back pain and pain in other parts of the boy is a terrible thing to go through. These pains can be caused by long work hours, extended travel time, trauma, or old injuries. Chronic pain can sometimes stay with you for years. Getting an effective body massage regularly can help you eliminate this pain and makes you feel younger and active again.


Pain, stress, headache, and injuries must be treated immediately if they occur on a daily basis. With the help of Regular Male to Male Body Massages in Pune, you can improve your quality of life.


If you want to avail the benefits mentioned above, pick up your phone, call Book Massage, and book the best doorstep male to male full body massages in Pune.


Get Relaxing Male to Male Body Massage Experience in Gurgaon & Noida

Good massage therapy can be beneficial to your physical and mental health in many ways. Book Massage offers perfect male to male body massage in Gurgaon & Noida to provide you relaxation from stress and pain.

How to Book our Massage Services?

Booking a massage session with us is extremely easy. All you need to do is follow these three steps:

Call Us

Pick up your phone and call us at 9650637924 to book an appointment with our great massage therapists.

Check Price

We assure you best quality massages at the most affordable prices. Our prices are the best in the entire market and we don’t compromise on quality. That is the main reason our clients keep coming back to us to repeat our massage services again and again. However, if you still have any doubt you can inquire about price with us before booking your appointment.

Book an appointment

This is the last step to be followed. Once you are satisfied with the rice, tell us your availability. Simply select a time and place of your choice. You will receive an immediate confirmation from our end and a reminder message or call the day before your appointment. The best part of availing our massages is that we offer doorstep services. You can choose any place – be it your home, a hotel room, farmhouse, your friend’s house or any other place. We offer 24×7 doorstep male to male massage services in Noida and other regions of India.

These were some easy steps to book a massage session with us.

If you are availing a male to male body massage in Gurgaon for the first time, here are some questions you must ask yourself before booking an appointment:

  1. What to expect before your first appointment?

Getting a male to male massage can be a wonderful experience! However, it is vital to know what is going to happen and how. When scheduling your male to male body massage appointment, it can be tempting to book your session right after completing another activity. However, this will make you feel exhausted. When you are already in a rush, your body and mind take much longer time than normal to relax and be receptive to our massage therapy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to schedule your time after careful planning so that you can get the massage done in a relaxed state, and not in a hurry. Also, it is not recommended to eat food right before your massage session, to make sure that your body is not processing any food during the massage. Also, do not drink plenty of fluids before the massage session.

Your massage provider may ask you certain questions before initiating the massage session, such as:

  • Do you have any medical issues?
  • Are there any specific problem or pain areas?
  • How much amount of pain you are feeling?
  1. How often should you get a massage?

An effective body massage has several benefits. It helps you to release your stress, heal body pain, improve the quality of sleep, and so on.

Now coming to your question “how often you should get a massage.” The answer is – ask yourself a couple of questions, like:

How do you feel after a male to male body massage?

This holds great importance, because of its many proven health benefits.

Secondly, are you suffering from any chronic pain?

If yes, then a body massage may be the perfect solution for you! The main thing to understand here is what type of body massage you need as each massage type has a different benefit and each therapist has a different style and technique. You may want to get massage frequently using different massaging techniques as per your body’s condition. The right massage is very effective for your mind, body, and soul and there is no limitation set to the number of time you should get the massages done.

  1. Does a massage therapy provide relief from stress?

Stress is a natural thing in today’s busy world. Usually, every day of life is typically full of activities for a working man. With so much of work pressure, stress comes naturally. Various daily activities lead to stress like having an important meeting, driving in traffic, disciplining children, walking or commuting in crowded public transports, and so on. It is essential for you to get some relief from these stressful moments because these things impact your physical or mental health. A massage session works well to provide relief from stress.

If you are looking for the best male to male body massage in Gurgaon, call us and book your appointment right now.


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male to male body massage in mumbai

Rejuvenating Male to Male Body Massage in Mumbai & Chandigarh at Your Doorstep

If you are looking for the best male to male body massages in Mumbai, Book Massage is the best place where you can get rid of all your physical pain and get mental relaxation. At Book Massage, your body is fully relaxed through our various massage techniques.

Finding some moments of relaxation is a very difficult task in this stressful life. However, if you are tired, busy all days of the week, and want to relax your body completely at the end of the week, then Hot Male is the best place for you.

The key for a successful rejuvenating male to male body massage is a relaxing atmosphere. Cleanliness and hygiene are two important factors you should consider checking when looking out for the best atmosphere always for a massage. We ensure that your entire massage session is done in a clean and hygiene atmosphere.

The usage of natural massage oils has been suggested by every massage expert time and again. Natural oils are helpful for a smooth massage session. With the help of these herbal oils, gentle massages can be done easily and the therapist and client both feel relaxed. You can also avail powder massage if your skin is acne prone or oily.

The right technique can make your massage session more effective and can assist in meeting your body needs and requirements.

You can select a massage as per your own interest or suggested by our massage experts. Our massage experts can guide you and offer the correct massage technique to ensure you complete relaxation and satisfaction in a short span of time. You just need to speak to our masseurs and explain your desires.

Why choose us?

Book Massage is known for offering following benefits to its clients Mumbai & Chandigarh and all over India:

  • 100% safety and privacy during massage
  • Doorstep male to male body massages in Chandigarh and all over India
  • Facility of booking your appointment for a massage session over a phone call
  • Availability of young, well built, and physically attractive male massage therapists
  • World class quality services at affordable prices
  • Availability of various types of massages for males – neck and shoulder massage, head massage, back massage, foot massage, full body massage
  • Facility of powder massage as well as oil massage to suit all skin types
  • We use 100% natural herbal oil and other massage products
  • Delivering 100% client satisfaction through our well-suited massage techniques
  • 100% relaxation to our mind, body, and soul
  • 24×7 massage services available at your doorstep during all year around
  • All India presence

Male to male full body massages have so many benefits for your mental and physical well-being, such as:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Ensuring quality sleep, thus treating insomnia
  • Relief from stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety
  • Relief from a headache, migraine, cervical, body pain, muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, and other body pains and illnesses.
  • Improvement in body posture
  • Muscle and body flexibility
  • Smooth and glowing skin
  • Increased energy and activeness
  • Improved concentration

At Book Massage, we offer various types of male to male massages in Mumbai & Chandigarh that remove your stress and make your body fresh and energized in no time. Full body massages give the customers peace of mind. Our therapists gently massage the customer’s entire body with their fingertips, palms, and hands to soothe their muscles and nervous system, remove any pain from their muscles and drain away all the tension from their mind.

The entire massage session takes approximately an hour. Our trained massage therapists provide the best massage techniques so that our clients get full refreshment from head to toe.

We offer doorstep male to male body massages in all suburb areas of Chandigarh & Mumbai at our client’s home, farmhouse, their friend’s place, a hotel room or any other private place of their choice where they feel comfortable.

If you want to avail our effective massage therapies, you can call us right away at 9650637924 to book your appointment. Our masseurs will reach at the place of your choice at the scheduled time.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us and book your appointment right now.

male to male body massage in Mumbai & Pune

Tips to Find the Best Kind of Male to Male Body Massage in Mumbai & Pune

There are various types of massage service providers available in Mumbai & Pune that it’s natural to get confused when deciding on what to choose. Here are some common types of massage service providers in Pune & Mumbai:

  • Those who offer massages to all in general.
  • Those who offer gender-specific massages like male to male body massages, female to female body massages, female to male body massages, or male to female body massages.
  • Those who offer therapeutic massages to treat ailments like acupressure, physiotherapy, and so on.
  • Those who provide exotic massage services with happy ending including sandwich massage, tantra massage, couple massage, and so on.
  • Those who provide Nuru massages.
  • Those who provide aroma massages.
  • Ayurvedic massage service providers.
  • Those who provide massages in their spas and parlors
  • Those who provide doorstep massages like Book Massage.

If you are looking for the best male to male body massage in Pune, but don’t know from where to avail it, here are some tips for you:

  • Google for nearest massage service providers and check their websites.
  • Look for a massage service provider (from the above-mentioned options) that caters to your need.
  • Read the information available like years of experience, and so on.
  • Read online reviews from their customers.
  • Book an appointment.

If you want to avail world-class male to male body massage in Pune at an affordable price, Book Massage can be your best bet. Here’s why:

  • Book Massage is highly regarded for providing luxury massages experience for just a few bucks. It is known for relaxing male to male full body massage of all types. It also offers some unique treatments including powder body massages, aromatic oil massages, and sensual male to male body massages in Pune & Mumbai.
  • Book Massage is popular for its affordable massage packages
  • They focus on de-stressing, immunity, detoxification, and beauty.
  • They offer a range of massages to address various health concerns such as insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, muscle stiffness, backache, body pain, anxiety, aging, and so on.
  • They offer massages for all skin types, i.e., oil massage for dry skin and powder massage for oily skin.
  • Book Massage provides full body massages in a private room, thus, promising the privacy to its clients.
  • They offer doorstep massage services so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Their trained massage professionals make sure that their every touch has a healing and mesmerizing effect on your body.
  • They believe in delivering ultimate satisfaction to their clients providing the experience for what they have paid for.
  • Their masseurs trigger motions and techniques which help you heal and repair your muscles and tissues instantly, and bring your lost energy back.
  • They use 100% natural and organic herbal products for massage to ensure you get the best of all worlds.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness is their motto.


Male to male body massages are one of the best heavenly experiences you can ever have. These massages have a long-lasting positive impact on your health.

Experience the best of male to male body massages with us right now! Pick up your phone and call us at 9650637924 to book an appointment right now.

No need to struggle hard when you are looking out for getting body massage services in Pune & Mumbai. With Book Massage, you can be assured of being in safe hands and can enjoy the sensual and effective massage therapies.

Book Massage is one of the most popular and reliable names to reckon with when it comes to availing any kind of doorstep male to male body massage in Mumbai. Our services include:

  • Oil massage
  • Powder massage
  • Deep body massage
  • Full body massage
  • Tissue body massage
  • Body to body male massage

Book Massage is the best male to male body massage provider available in Mumbai & Pune state, offering full male body to body massages, that too at the comfort of your home. So, don’t go anywhere to get body massages.  Call us at 9650637924 and book your appointment with us to avail world-class massage services in Pune & Mumbai.

male to male body massage in delhi

Boost Your Energy with Male to Male Body Massage in Delhi NCR

With increased work pressure and stress, everyone is looking for some exciting and easy ways to boost their energy.

The male to male body massage in Delhi NCR is one of the simplest and exotic ways to boost your body’s functioning and provide comfort to your mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Book Massage and see the difference yourself. See yourself as a completely new person with full of energy. Make your life more happening and relaxed with our best male to male body massage in Delhi.

If you are looking out for a reliable and exciting way to boost your body’s energy level and provide some relaxation to your tiring muscles, then male to male full body massages in Delhi NCR can serve your purpose.

The hectic lifestyle of Delhi can really make you frustrated at times and a relaxing body massage in Delhi NCR can help you get rid of it. Often people become so busy in their work life that they rarely get time to enjoy and relax. To add some fun and excitement to your life, you can choose our male massages to give your body, mind, and soul some peace. Our male masseurs will assist you with a soothing and peaceful massage that will heal you to the inner level.

With our plethora of doorstep male to male body massage in NCR, you can easily opt for any massage facility as per your body need. Our masseurs render the best possible massage services to you. Often the male clients demand to get a massage only from male masseurs and thus, we assign them with a male massage therapist.

The treatment is offered as per the demands and expectations of the clients. Our massage services include strong torment, acupressure, grinding, therapies, body to body massage, and normal massaging by hands.

Male to male body massages in Delhi NCR has recently gained a lot of popularity. Hence, a large number of people today are in need to spend some mesmerizing and peaceful moments while getting a massage. Massages are very soothing and really calm you to your soul. Our massage experts are highly professional and exceptionally trained to serve your purpose well. Our aim is to treat every client with the utmost care and render complete satisfaction.

Massages not just provide instant relief to your stressed mind it also offers various other benefits like – improved sleep quality, increases in body’s blood circulation, better nervous system, relief from headaches and body pain, relief from joint pain, muscle pain and stiff muscles, and so on. Anyone can avail these services to reap the benefits.

To get the optimum benefits of a massage, it is very important to choose a reputed and well-known massage service provider to avail the services. We have a time of great masseurs who make your overall massage session an experience to remember. Once the massage is finished, you will feel fresh and relaxed and completely rejuvenated. Massage is indeed one of the best ways to add some fun to your mundane and boring life. It is but natural to feel unhappy and unsatisfied with daily routine work, but with our male body massages in Delhi, you can give a boost to your mood and get a healthy body, smooth skin, and relaxed mind. The body massage is a perfect way to re-energize your body and mind.

So, if you are looking for the best male to male body massages in Delhi NCR, pick up your phone and book your appointment right now. We deliver doorstep massage services in Delhi NCR and various other parts and regions of India. You just need to call us at our number, i.e., 9650637924, and tell us a time and place when and where you need our massage services. Our massage experts will reach at the given address at the scheduled time to offer our relaxing massages. You can choose your home, farmhouse, your friend’s place, a hotel room or any other place of your choice to avail our massages. We offer 24×7 doorstep male to male body massage in Delhi so that our clients can get the best male body massages in Delhi NCR as and when they need.

Male to Male Body Massage in Gurgaon

Full Male to Male Body Massage in Gurgaon Just a Call Away

Many people are looking for a sensual male to male full body massages in Gurgaon nowadays. However, reaching a spa or salon is a daunting task after long working hours, that too five-fix days in a row.


There are many spas in Gurgaon, who claim to be certified and registered, but in reality, they are not. Most often, these spas are found indulging in illegitimate activities or hiring unprofessional massagers who make your massage experience a worst and expensive affair.


How can you make sure you get the best male to male body massages in Gurgaon?

At Hot Male Massage, we offer world-class relaxing male to male massage services at the privacy and comfort of your home.


We have a team of masseurs who have expertise in delivering the best body to body massage therapies to males. These rejuvenating massage therapies help to release fatigue, provide relief from stress, and improve your body’s blood circulation. A good body massage can uplift your mood instantly by providing you an instant relief.


Instant Relaxation: If you suffer feeling tired and exhausted, book a massage session with us to get instant relaxation within a few minutes. Massage is excellent for your body and helps to increase the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles. It also helps in relieving the body pain by healing your damaged tissues.

Reduces Stress: Massage can reduce tension and stress to a greater extent. Regular massages can help you eliminate stress and can also boost your confidence.


Male to male full body massage is a full body massage wherein the massage therapists use their hands to massage their male clients.


Masseurs use their palms, wrists, forearms and other parts of the hands and body at varying speed and pressure to stimulate all areas of the customer’s body.


If you are looking for the best male massages in Gurgaon at your doorstep, call us right now to book your appointment.


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