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Should You Go for a Body Massage in Winters?

Winter weather affects our body in more ways; and the effects are more evident. Massage therapy can help fight off negative effects that cold weather brings to your body and leaves us with that shivering affect.

We need to take care of our emotional and psychological wellness in order to stay healthy and strong. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to get out of the winter breezes and keep your mood light and bright. It is like a relaxation therapy from the hectic schedule of our daily life. Through the power of touch, massage can help us to reduce anxiety, depression, and seasonal affective disorder.

Dry winter air, cold breezes, and the blazing heater can dry your skin quickly. Massage therapy at Male to Male Body Massage Services in Delhi  is proven to improve skin hydration during these dry winter months. Oils and lotions used in massage contain healthy and rich amounts of vitamin E, which your skin will absorb better through circulatory motion, leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Low temperature causes the blood vessels to constrict, decreasing blood circulation and increasing blood pressure. This can bring on many discomforts, aches, pains and arthritis which have become common health issues nowadays. Regular massage session enhances blood flow, naturally lowering blood pressure, increasing body temperature, and improving  your body functionality.

Being out in the cold can really make you catch a cold. Did you know that massage therapy is considered as an immune booster. Massage therapy increases lymph flow which fights off infections and bacteria, boosting your immune system during the cold and flu season. A massage therapist makes sure that as your session ends, the feeling you are left with is soothing and satisfying and to make sure we have the best of therapist at male to male body massage services.

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Booost your Mood with Male Body Massage

As We all know how massage can make us feel relaxed and give us a better outlook on life. However, did you know that there are many health benefits to massage? Regular massage has amazing mood-boosting abilities that will have your overall mental outlook improved in ways you did not think might be possible.

Regular massage also reduces the presence of stress hormones in the body,that includes cortisol and adrenaline. The reduction of these hormones in the body leads to a host of positive mood changes for the person receiving regular massage therapy at male to male body massage services.

The best way to enjoying these positive Benefits of Male to Male Body Massage in Mumbai is to make sure that you are receiving a massage with moderate pressure. This type of pressure will activate the healing properties of massage therapy.

When we think of mood-boosting benefits, it can be easy to bottleneck those thoughts into those which are related to alleviating depressed mood and anxiety. However, massage can boost your mood by just improving your overall quality of life at male to male body massage centers.

Massage increases blood flow to massaged muscles. Small tissue injuries like sprains and strains, massage has been shown to reduce the healing time associated with these types of injuries and would help you recover soon.

Massage is a wonderful way to improve your emotional and mental state and so provide those services at your doorstep too. By simply enjoying the relaxing therapeutic touch that massage offers you, you can boost your mood, and regular massages can ensure that you feel good in mind, body, and spirit for the long-term. Massage is a way to make you feel good about you feeling good about yourself and boosting your mood to get something fresh to stay calm all day long.

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Male to Male Body Massage to Fight off Sickness

Sickness is one of the most important thing that has to be right off to stay fit and for that ways to be found to stay strong enough. Massage has been played it’s role in various feilds and when talking about fighting off with sickness it is one of the most relaxing one. The feel-good effects of a massage may leave a deep impact into your body. People who received massage showed changes in their immune system responses after the sessions.

People who have taken a session at Male to Male Body Massage Services in Mumbai have experienced a boost in the number of circulating lymphocytes, white blood cells that help fight infection. Massage can actually speed up your recovery time when done in the right way and with the help of professionals.

Getting a massage not only helps you relax, it might also benefit your immune system, a study suggests. A massage session at Male to Male Body Massage in Delhi can help you with fighting with diseases and fight off with sickness too.

People who received a massage session had an increased number of lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that play a large role in defending the body from disease. The count of white blood cells can only help in fighting with the diseases and remove off sickness from the body.

The massages also had an impact on the person’s hormone levels. Receiving a massage decreased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone , and vasopressin, a hormone believed to play a role in aggressive behavior, according to the reserachers. Therefore it is important to receive a massage to get well soon and fight off sickness as soon as possible. This is one the best ways considered and when done in the correct manner.

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Male to Male Body Massage to Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has always been a matter of concern when it comes to healthy living. Massage can help you protect against high blood pressure which is a major risk factor for various heart diseases. Some studies also suggest that getting a massage may help calm the nervous system, which is responsible for raising your blood pressure in response to stress. There is some evidence which proves that adding massage to your stress management may help keep your blood pressure in check or say control.

An effective way to stay away from high blood pressure naturally is massage. Studies have shown that a consistent Male to Male Body Massage in Gurgaon session can decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure; decrease salivary and urinary cortisol stress-hormone levels; and lower sources for depression, anxiety, as well as gives many other benefits.

Benefits of Lower Blood Pressure:

  • Lower depression and anxiety
  • Keeps stress hormone levels in control
  • Low blood pressure can contribute to lowering the chances of having a heart attack, kidney failure, or a stroke.

High blood pressure raises the risk of having a heart attack or a heart stroke. To control blood pressure, it is important to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors, which includes quitting smoking, eating a diet low in fat, salt and cholesterol and doing regular exercise. Management of stress is also important, and complementary therapies such as massage is the tool. The first step is to concern a health-care personnel to make sure that massage is safe, based on person to person’s health report.

Male to Male Body Massage in Delhi involves many types of hands-on techniques that  can be press, rub, squeeze and stretch the muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues in the body. Massage can be either deep or gentle. Getting a massage  can leave with the feelings of being cared for and taking charge of your health. Massage is  always relaxing to receive and can lower stress levels.

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Male Body Massage the Tool for Boosting Immunity

Good nutrition, proper rest, and regular exercise are the basics of staying healthy. However, you can pump up your resistance even more by adding self-massage to your daily or weekly routine.

Massage promotes relaxation and increases circulation. It also triggers measurable changes in the body’s immune and endocrine systems. Regular Male to Male Body Massage in Pune have been shown to make the immune system stronger. Those same benefits can translate to people seeking to fight off the common cold, flu and other seasonal illnesses at male to male body massage services.

Massage increases the activity level of the body’s white blood cells that work to combat viruses. As with just about everything related to our body, the immune system is affected by our emotions.  Stress, fatigue, anger, frustration, excited, all have the effect of decreasing our natural defenses, which, in turn, creates a greater susceptibility to infection, disease and slows the healing process. Since massage improves blood and lymph flow, massage is beneficial to the entire body, including the immune system.

Remember, only receive massage therapy when you’re healthy. Massages Boost the Immune System. Getting a Male to Male Body Massage in Mumbai not only helps you relax, it might also benefit your immune system, a new study suggests. Receiving a massage at male to male body massage decreases level of cortisol, a stress hormone , and vasopressin, a hormone believed to play a role in aggressive behavior, according to the reserachers.

The immune system is designed to detect foreign cells from regular cells that are supposed to be there.  When a foreign cell is detected, the body sends out signals and white blood cells to combat and kill the foreign cells.  This is a very simple way of explaining how the immune system protects us and is even to stay protected and stay healthy.

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All About Trigger Point Male Massage Services

When we talk about massage, there are Different Types of Male to Male Body Massage in Delhi that are suited to different needs. Those who want to relax and relieve stress may find that a Swedish (or relaxation) massage as the best option, while sports performers may need some athletic recovery massage moves. For this, a deep tissue massage should be their first preference. There’s a third type of massage which is very popular and offers many benefits as well: trigger point massage.


Trigger points are the myofascial areas of pain that hurt when they are pressed on. Initially, when you have a knot that is bothering you and causing you discomfort – that’s a trigger point.

Trigger points, feel like hardened lumps of muscle beneath the skin, and even if your body is relaxed, the trigger point stays contracted, causing it to remain tight.

Trigger points are commonly experienced in the back muscles, especially between the shoulder blades or in the upper back, shoulders and neck.


Trigger points can become very painful, therefore it’s important to assist the muscles in loosening and letting go of the building tension.As the back is a prime spot for trigger points, we’ll use it as an example.

  • Place the massager on your upper back and gently roll the spheres around unless you find a sensitive spot.
  • Once you locate a trigger point, apply pressure (as much as is comfortable) and hold it there carefully.
  • It can be helpful to provide deep breathing to relax the muscles further. Breathe from your diaphragm, inhaling and exhaling as slowly and deeply as you can.
  • You may continue to apply pressure to the point until you feel some relaxation and the muscles start to loosen.

Since you were applying pressure deeply to certain spots, it can also help with additional relaxation to apply an ice pack to the troublesome body part and at Bookmassage we would provide you with professionals and experts of massage.

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All About Deep Tissue and Relaxation Male Massage

Relaxation is the most common form, and what most people think of it when they think of massageor say it is the first thought that comes into mind. This involves long, fluid motions meant to relieve sore muscles and joints, promote itrelaxation and ease anxiety and tension.

A relaxation massage is great if you need to calm your senses after a stressful week or when feeling anxious. They are meant for momentary relief as they are more about soothing aches and pains and not about treating underlying issues.

A deep tissue massage, is more of a therapeutic option that’s used as a form of treatment. This option works to release tightness in soft tissues and the deeper layers of muscles. Unlike a relaxation massage, deep tissue massages require firm pressure to loosen kinks and knots and promote longer term relief. At Male to Male Body Massage in Gurgaon the therapist helps you receive the best therapies.

This type of massage is beneficial for those who are suffering from chronic issues and are looking for back or neck pain relief. It can also be useful for athletes in training as their muscles may cramp up due to different and typical exercises.

Both massages offer a variety of benefits, but it’s good to analyze if you need a deep tissue or relaxation massage. If you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, are preparing for a competition or need long-term relief for a chronic condition, a deep tissue massage is all.what your body needs. However, if you’re looking to improve your sleep, soothe your mind and body or boost your mood, then you should definitely go for a relaxation massage. At Male to Male Body Massage Services in NCR we offer you both, you can take the services at our centers or at your home going nowhere.

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Health Benefits of Male To Male Body Massage In India

Massage as described in it’s original form is dating to have it’s own benifits. People who are stressed at work and think of getting themselves b relaxed then what first comes in mind is a Good Male to Male Body Massage in Mumbai and what better then getting it at Bookmassage. Not only relaxation is the reason why people choose to get massage therapies but you get a number of other benefits as well. However if you have some health issues, we would recommended you to consult your doctor before opting for any specific massage therapy.

Massage can cure various health related issues and this includes problems like:

  • Headache, Migraines.
  • Back Pain.
  • Sleeping Problem.
  • Osteoarthritis and many others.

Headaches, Migraines: Pain of head is another prospect that can be easily cured with a good massage therapy. Even in migraines, massage works like wonders. Not only that but a massage therapy at Bookmassage will leave you with a sound sleep.

Back pain: A great massage session can relief your lower back pain up to 40% and you may not need any painkiller for its treatment. Research tells us that some specific massage techniques designed for back pain work better than acupuncture.

Sleeping problem: A good massage therapy can help you get a soothing sleep away from all the stress and tensions you face everyday. A massage therapist would help you get a massage with the best oils which relaxes your mind and body too.

Osteoarthritis: It can be effectively treated and you will witness immense relaxation with Swedish massage. Not only you will find relief in pain but it will also improve your muscle stiffness and body function.

Requirement of massage therapies would differ from one person to another depending upon their own routine, requirements and health issues.Thus it is important to understand differences between varied types of massage therapies and about their health benefits and at Bookmassage we take care of all of them.

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Role of Male Body Massage Chair in Reducing Stress

In today’s fast changing world, stress is an inevitable part of life, and it is this part of life that the massage chairs were built to handle. Therefore, stress relief is the main agenda of every manufacturer. In a classic case of “too many cooks spoil the broth” though, the universally accepted equivalence between massage chairs and stress relief has led manufacturers to come up with settings and Male to Male Body Massage Types in Delhi that need not or should not be applied under all circumstances as solutions to the question – how to reduce stress or how to overcome it.

Thankfully, almost all massage chairs come with some basic massage functions that can be pulled to improve one’s physical and mental health, based on his/her stress level or the extent to what a person is stressed out with. Deciding which level of stress you have and what remedy you need is not easy and at Bookmassage we have it all and we make sure you feel the worth of it.

Since a large part of the stress present in the body is due to the uneven exertion of muscles during the day,massage is vital to get out the muscles to their natural position and thereby reducing the aches and pains that leads to physical sensation of stress. These changes in turn can aid in curing the amount of emotional or mental stress one is undergoing.

For instance, if there is a stress related sprain in the back or calves, it is almost always inadvisable to carry out any massage, as most involve muscle stretching and this can create grave problems later. Hence, it is vital that you check out the list of who should and shouldn’t use a massage chair, and consult your physician before carrying out the any of the massages. If you do get the green light though, you can rest assured that the massage solutions at Bookmassage to how to reduce stress will go a long way in promoting one’s health in the immediate and also in the long run.

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Reduce the Chance of Depression by Male to Male Body Massage

Everyone feels sad, irritable at times. Many people experience difficulty sleeping when they are facing stress. These are normal reactions that typically pass within a few days. Massage can prove to be benificial for curing depression.

Major depressive disorder is different. Though insomnia and fatigue are often the present conditions, people with depression experience depressed mood or loss of interest in normal daily activities as well. At Male to Male Body Massage Services in Pune there are different types of massage which can help you to heel depression.

Massage therapy can help relieve this tension in your muscles and connective tissues. It also increases your blood flow and promotes relaxation.

If you have depression, massage therapy probably won’t cure your condition, but it may help relieve the symptoms associated with it. Massage may help by releaving back pain, joint pain, and muscle aches. It can also help relieve fatigue and sleeping problems.

Swedish massage: In this method, your therapist will apply smooth, circular, kneading actions to your muscles making you feel relaxed.

Chair massage: In this method, you will sit on a special chair and lean forward into a headrest. This is a good introduction to massage, since the sessions are usually short and don’t require you to remove any clothing.

Deep tissue massage: In this massage,methods are usef to treat tight muscles caused by stress or other problems. They will focus on the muscles closest to your bones, as well as their connective tissues.

Reflexology: In this type of massage, your therapist will apply pressure to areas of your feet that are believed to correspond with other systems and organs in your body.

Aromatherapy massage: In this, your therapist will combine massage with scented oils to help reduce stress or boost your energy and helps you to yeild stress and depression.